Birthing Services

I am here to support and educate birthing parents as you embark on your journey, however you get there. Whether you’re giving birth at home, a hospital or a birthing center, I provide the education you’ll need for a healthy and happy delivery. My support doesn’t end when pregnancy does; as a newborn care specialist, I am trained and skilled with unique expertise in all aspects related to infant care. I offer lactation education and assistance, and I can teach you how to massage your baby. I can also provide support during postpartum and infant loss, should you need it.

Childbirth Education

Gone are the days when childbirth education involved a couple learning breathing techniques on the floor. I empower parents to be confident and knowledgeable in the areas of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, postpartum and baby care. In my classes you’ll learn evidence-based information about everything you’ll need to know; questions to ask your healthcare provider, how to make the decision between having your baby at home, a birthing center or hospital, and interventions (ie., IV’s, epidural, monitoring, cervical exams, etc.). You’ll learn about comfort measures to help you have the birthing experience that you deserve, and what to expect during labor, postpartum, and breastfeeding. I look forward to helping you through your journey to parenthood. Virtual support is available.

Labor Doula

The birth of your child is a beautiful and momentous occasion. Let me help you have the birthing experience you deserve! Having a doula can ease anxiety, reduce labor length, lower the rate of medical interventions (including C-sections), and improve mother-baby bonding post birth.

My help begins even before you go into labor. I will meet with you 2-3 times before your due date to discuss your pregnancy and birth plan. I provide information about the labor and delivery experience, and educate you on natural pain management, including massage, aromatherapy and positioning. When it’s time for your baby to be born, I can help you find comfortable positions for labor, offer emotional support and advice, and aid you in communicating with medical staff by explaining medical terms. I will work with your OB/GYN to ensure you have a safe and comfortable labor and delivery. Unlike medical personnel, who change shifts, I will be with you throughout the duration of the birth of your child. I am here to support you and your partner through this journey!

After the birth, I make 1-2 postpartum visits to check in on you and your baby. During these visits I will assist you with breastfeeding, making sure that your baby is latching correctly, and addressing any problems or questions you may have. Virtual support is available.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Doula

If you are experiencing pregnancy loss or infant loss, I am so sorry. Whether you are going through an abortion, miscarriage, have found out that your little one no longer has a heartbeat or has been diagnosed as incompatible with life, I’m here to help. I can assist you in celebrating your baby’s life, making beautiful memories, and saying goodbye in a meaningful way. Some parents choose to give their baby a bath, take photos, or have a service. No matter how short your infant’s life, you deserve to honor it. Virtual support is available.

Newborn Care Specialist

As a Newborn Care Specialist I am trained and skilled in working with newborns, providing unique expertise in all aspects of infant care. I can manage your baby’s care during the night while you sleep, either feeding your baby or bringing them to you for nursing. If you have any concerns about your baby, I can help to answer them or provide resources for you to resolve them. I am experienced working with babies with reflux and colic and can teach you how to care for these conditions. I am knowledgeable about premature babies and multiples, and can help you set up systems to care for the special needs involved. Virtual support is available.

My newborn services include:

  • Documenting sleep patterns, feeding and changing times so that your baby transitions to a regular schedule
  • Assisting with breastfeeding issues, answering questions and troubleshooting problems
  • Preparing bottles (both breastmilk and formula), and cleaning them
  • Soothing your baby and giving you the tools needed to soothe on your own
  • Diapering, Bathing and Circumcision Care
  • Organizing and maintaining your nursery

Postpartum Doula

As a postpartum doula I help families adjust to the newest addition, whether it’s your first baby or fifth! This may include light housework, meal prep, errands, or accompanying you to postpartum and newborn checkups. I am trained to assist you with postpartum issues such as diapering and swaddling your baby, sleep schedules and problems, nursing and more. I can help you to identify signs of postpartum depression and learn how to get help so that you may be healthy and happy for you and your family. Virtual support is available.

Lactation Educator

As a lactation educator I will help you successfully breastfeed your baby. Before your baby is even born, I can recommend breastfeeding equipment to make nursing easier, such as pumps, clothing and storage containers. Once your baby arrives I can assist with common nursing issues such as difficulties latching, pain while nursing, and low milk production. I closely monitor babies to ensure that they are gaining enough weight, and can share interventions if they are not. I help ease the transition for working mothers, devising a plan for continuing to feed your baby and how to store breast milk. Virtual support is available.

Infant Massage

Massaging your infant allows you to nurture and bond with your child, and has been used for many centuries in other parts of the world. I can teach you a combination of Swedish and Indian-style massage strokes as well as reflexology in order to communicate with your baby through touch.

Benefits of infant massage include:

  • Releasing tension
  • Stimulating the nervous system
  • Relieving digestive issues such as gas and colic
  • Promoting the strengthening of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Helping the baby with body awareness and providing a more restful sleep
  • Establishing a special bond between parents and baby by focusing on important elements such as eye-to-eye and skin-to-skin contact, as well as increasing parents confidence and sensitivity to their baby’s cues


In my infant massage classes I teach parents different massage strokes, demonstrating on a doll while you practice on your baby. We will discuss topics related to having a new baby. Classes include relaxation techniques for parents, readings, book suggestions and music.

Infant massage classes are one hour a week for five weeks. Classes can be held as a group, private instruction, or via zoom.

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