Introductory Infant Massage Class

Start to learn to massage your baby and the wonderful benefits for the both of you.

This is a free 5 week course, starting January 26th for the introductory class, then the next 4 classes will be on Sundays at 10 AM, January 26, February 2nd, 9th, and 23rd

Class 1  Learning behavioral states and learning to massage baby’s legs and feet.
Class 2  Learning baby’s cues and learning to massage the stomach.
Class 3  Learning the benefits of massage to baby and learning to massage chest and arms.
Class 4  Learning the history of infant massage and learning to massage face and back.
Class 5  Review of all strokes and learning general activities (yoga stretches for baby’s).

Please be sure to register for each class to learn all the massage strokes. If you are interested in private classes, please feel free to call me at 857-317-0597 or email at [email protected]

When: 01/26/2020 10:00am
Where: 576 Main Street, Woburn Massachusetts
Cost: FREE!
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